Brush Preset

You guys could add to D5 Render Brush presets to make easyer to create some types of forest

Like Brazilian Jungle, Asian Jungle, European Jungle etc

Hi! Now our brush has these settings:

Could you please tell me which setting you think needs to be added for the trees you mentioned?

Hi, I mean that you guys could add to the program some Presets.
Pre-defined brush with trees to create different types of vegetation.

So if the artist need to create a chinese forest, he/she just need to use the preset brush
already configured.

Now in D5 Render, after selecting the brush tool, you need to select a vegetation model by yourself.
You mean that you want in the brush presets some types of vegetation will be pre-selected, am I right?
This needs to be taken into consideration first because we have to survey which types of vegetation are mostly used by D5 users.