Brulee apartment

Theme: Interior Render
Artist: Sepehr Arzjani
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Workflow: Rhino + 3ds max + D5 2.0
Brief description of post-processing: Some post-production
Whether the model is original: Original Design
Model source: Original design

Just another render with D5 2.0


Stunning work!!
I’m curious about Exporting from Rhino to 3ds max, could you explan more about your workflow, I’m using Rhino also and I’m struggling with D5 :sleepy:

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Try with sketchup :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush:
I used 3Ds max for that wall panel and the windows, Rest of the apartment is modeled in Rhino. So I just exported Rhino as Sketchup then I imported the Sketchup file in 3D max and then I removed it (so there is only windows and that wall panel in 3Ds max) Then rest of it was easy, importing rhino file in D5 is pretty easy since you can just import the 3dm file and you don’t have to export it in any other format, and from max, I used the D5 converter which again was pretty straight forward. I hope it helps.