Brightness contrast slider

Is it possible to add a slider control for quick edits on other material maps instead of having to make the adjustment in Photoshop?

Hi mate, what kind of properties do you want to adjust on the material maps? since D5 already has some color change sliders.

Hi Bruce,
Yes, the color adjustment is very helpful for the base color map. (side note, if the material template is set to “custom” the color base color adjustment doesn’t work if you have an AO map set to 1. However, if you have the template set to Displacement or custom alpha it works.)

Similar to how the base color map has HSB adjustment - a brightness contrast slider for the remaining maps would add more flexibility and increase workflow.

Example here: Having to hop into Photoshop to make an adjustment slows down the process and if using D5 material no adjustment can be made.

Hi, the slider beside the sun can control the contrast, and the “B” can control the brightness.

Regarding the AO, An Ambient Occlusion or AO map is a grayscale map which contains lighting data. It is not typically used as its own map and is instead usually combined with the diffuse map to bake in soft shadows. you can try some times to control the effect you want.