Bright interior

Interior visualization. Living room and kitchen.
D5 Render 1.7.1
Interior visualization. Living room, kitchen and bathroom.
Final shots mixed with the AO channel.
I think there is an issue with shadows in 1.7.1 regardless of the lighting and exposure settings. There was no such problem in Version 1.7.


nice render n design

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First shot needs a bit more contrast, second I feel exposure is a bit high. Doing these 2 adjustments may bring out the results you need.
These are great renders but perhaps we are asking too much from D5. I personally use Vray for stills and D5 for animations. I think more GI bouncing are needed to get the result you want out of the box and then it may be not so fast. (guessing here).

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I do like your renders, yes maybe bit post pro should work…and I have to agree with 3dfan a bit…but…as a Vray user for long time /over 12 years/ I switched to D5 render for good…/I didnt even reinstall Vray on my new workstation…and still have the license/

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You are right. I have been using Vray myself for over 20 years. Even at that time when Vray was free (alpha stage). :smiley:
If you are really good at Photoshop a real time rendering program like D5 will serve you as well.
Just because I have a very powerful workstation and also a bit lazy to keep exporting my huge 3dsmax scenes to D5render I have not made the switch for stills yet. Maybe for the next version if the live link will work.

Well, after all those years with 3ds+Vray I absolutely do understand your point of view, there are schemes, routines, etc…which is hard and not comfortable to break and switching might look uneffficient in some point…my position was easier…I switched in 2006 from Cinema 4D to Sketchup and then from Maxwell to Vray…and my scenes arent very heavy /Sketchups core isnt build for heavy scenes…/ and needs are pretty low, I expect…and honestly my level of archviz is quite bacis for todays standards…

Almost all vray users on the forum :slight_smile: I’ve been using vray for about 15 years and now I’m looking for an alternative. I’m slowly switching to D5. There are still a lot of problems but I hope after 2-3 more updates it will be good.
In the worst case, I’ll save myself from post-production. The problem will be with big scenes and I do a lot of them. I will have to buy a graphics card with as large a vram as possible.
Regarding the shots I posted. It’s not perfect but I think it would be much better in version 1.7. I do the next renders in this version. When I have a moment, I will try to render it in version 1.7 for comparison. greetings

For comparison, the shot was taken in versions 1.7 and 1.7.1. no post-production.

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well in direct comparison I see, but it doesnt bother me on 1.7.1 version…but thats me…

and if you buy such GPU it will also be fine with Vray…for CUDA rendering, Lava project /or how its called now/ and also the new realtime !render! in Vray 5…so win win situation

Short animation: