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Any update about blender plugin for d5 render with 1.9 version? Live update scene? Camera, collection or light sync?

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Live sync of views, models, and materials, and some other features are under development, I think the new version will release in Q3/Q4.



The script not work with the last Blender Version 2.93

Sorry, 2.93 is not supported yet.


When you are planning to have Blender Plug in for 2.93 and above or Bridge application ??

How long does it take to support this version 2.93 , Please

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I’m using version 3 of Blender with K-Cycles, when will a version 3 plugin be available? Unfortunately, I’m stuck and can’t do anything with my scenes, even the FBX import within D5 Render doesn’t separate the model based on hierarchy only materials

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استخدم إصدارًا قديمًا من Blender لتصدير المشروع الآن بحيث يتم تحديث المكون الإضافي في المستقبل

The blender community is growing, I think they are underestimating the blender market, there are many who have left 3dmax and other platforms to use blender. It’s been 2 years since version 2.83, fix that, or you’ll lose public,


Hello, our new Blender plugin is under beta testing now, for now, it can export d5a only, but soon we will let it support live sync.
If you are interested, please let me know. And if you are already in our Discord server for D5 Pro, you can view the Blender channel directly.

Hi, Is it possible for us to download the beta version? The separate FBX export solution is far from ideal.

Sure, if you are in the Discord server for D5 Pro, you can download it from the Blender channel directly. If you are not there, please check your private message and I will send you the invitation link.

Hi there!

I’m also very interested in the beta version; could you provide it via private message?

Hi, the beta testing is public now, you can join our Discord server then go to Blender category:
D5 Render