blender addon


is there a live-link for blender?

in the blender addon, is it necessary to bake procedural textures?
besides meshes and textures, what else can be imported from blender?


Hi there,

it’s on agenda
Thank you

Regarding #Blender plugin I only have this problem: it runs fine after first install and updates to latest version too, but won’t run again for a second time. So to workaround this I install it every time I want to use it (first thing after opening Blender - no need to uninstall it first). Any solution to this?
Also the only availlable plugin version to download is 0.60. Can’t find 0.71 to install directly.

Hi Panos,

We may need to operate your computer remotely to check and resolve this issue. I wonder if it’s convenient for you. Please check out your discord message.