Blender 3.5

Will you release a version that supports Blender 3.5, by the way i feel more confortable having a normal addon installer for blender rather than this EXE file


Thanks for your suggestion, I have shared it with the team. We are developing a converter that supports version 3.5, so stay tuned! :clap:


Hi, just wondering if the Blender 3.5 Converter is available already?
Even beta version is fine, I can give it a try.

Could you give us installation instructions?

Unfortunately, the instructions steps always seem to be only for the advanced Blender - connoisseurs. For the experts it is all clear in which subdirectory the next button is to be found.

Most of the time, the newbie can’t find the next step directory to continue.

So please remember to always think like a greenhorn who doesn’t know the program very well and always has to ask where the hell can I find this button in the directory or subdirectory.

Hello, thank you for your suggestion, it is very useful. We will consider adding more details to the installation guide. :smile:

Hello, the beta version of Blender 3.5 Converter may be updated this week, and I will send you the link after it is updated. Stay tuned! :clap:

Hi all, here is the beta version of Blender addon which supports 3.5. Feel free to give it a try:
download link.

Or you can wait for about 1 or 2 weeks for the official release.

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