Blender 2.9, living on, better compatibility

The truth is that I am very happy with this rendering engine, it is incredible, I am an architect, and I use blendr 2.9. It would be good if it could open a blender file or be more shareable, because textures are giving problems, the blender community is growing a lot, and many people are leaving 3dmax and c4d aside, among others, it would be good to have that live connection.

The program is very promising I know that corona render and V-ray will beat the competition, I am a user of this program, the clients saw an improvement in the quality of my work,

To better interact with you and cater to your suggestions, we have added the 「Voice of D5 Users」.


Hey, dmpygame:

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

We have started the development of the direct link for Blender, and it will support Blender 2.9 LTS version.
Please stay tuned.

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