Bedroom Rendering [ MANISH LOHIA ]

Hi Guys,

Made this bedroom rendering image for a client 2 months ago and re-did it with D5 Render, I am really impressed with the quality of renders we can achieve with D5 Render. The bedroom wall tiles design ideas are rendered well.

Comments & Suggestions are most welcome.

Hope you like the renders.

Also, I will be conducting a live webinar for D5 Render in Hindi, so anybody interested can join the live webinar n the following link.

Webinar Link : Redirecting...
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Manish Lohia

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Ti
Workflow: Sketchup 2020 + D5 Render


Really good render, congrats!

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Thanks Oliver !!

Good style manishlohia2808,
By the way, I visit your Behance page and I like how to show your projects…
1st Image in sketch or “clay” mode with the sky, It’s look nice! :+1:t4:

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Thanks Kimi,

I will be uploading more content on my online mediums this month + I ll try to be more active on social media and forums. :slight_smile:


This bedroom rendering image with D5 Render looks really good. Nice job!


Thanks @April_Lee !