Graphics Card:GTX 1660 TI
Workflow:SKP D5


I like the vibe :+1:

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Nice vignette effect, in 2.2 we will add vignette effect inside D5 :smiley:


Waou I like the atmosphere.
Can you tell me how you manage to have thie degree of realism?
Do you have video to explain this ?
Many thanks

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Hi!, i do not have videos yet, but in this case i played a lot with the HDRI parameters, and some basic post production.

Great job.

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This is great!

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It’s very nice but the frame reflection under the bed is too bright. Why isn’t it dark? It’s almost as if the frame is somehow slightly emissive.

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Thanks 4 the feedback, now that i see it , it is true, but i think that i change the to much the reflection parameters on the floor texture