Backyard ADU with Dogtrot

Theme: Accessory Dwelling Unit
Artist: Lauren O’Malley
Graphics Card: RTX 3060 32 GB
Workflow: Sketchup, D5 Render, Photoshop
Brief description of post-processing: Photoshop - Sharpening with high pass, color grading with color balance, brightening with curves, liquify for jagged geometry
Whether the model is original: Designed by myself
Model source: Furniture and decor from Sketchup Warehouse

Description of the work: Design created for my Mother. She wanted a small guest house with a dogtrot and storage. First time using D5 Render. I hope to get better at modeling, textures, lighting and overall realism. Will post more photos/ video when the project is complete.


Nice rendering, why your RTX 3060 is 32GB? :joy: :joy:

Thanks! Does that seem overkill lol? It’s because I use 4 to 5 programs at once. This keeps the BSOD away

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