Background for photo merge

is there a possibility to insert a fixed background that doesn’t move with the model? Not a hdr that creates lighting but simply a flat background, so you can insert a visible image to then be able to set the correct rotation and position of the camera to make a photo insertion. To date I do it with Rhino and send the cameras to D5 but not seeing the background behind it is not easy to select the light and the correct angle of the sun. It would be easier to have the background image inside D5

Hello, you can use the plane or arc model in D5’s Asset Library, and then import the image into the model through the basic color map. At the same time, you can turn on the “invisible in raytracing” function, which can make the plane or arc model not participate in the rendering, and will not affect the light in the environment. There’s a really nice scene here. You can try to use it: Discord


OK thank you.
But in this case, however, when I rotate the model or get closer and further away or change the focal length, the plane does not remain fixed but follows my movements. Or am I wrong?

Yes. Sorry, the model background of D5 does not support the hdri function at present.

OK thank you,
it would be useful to be able to insert a background image that doesn’t work as an hdr but only as a background to be able to choose the correct view on it and then use the lighting with the environment or hdri.

Ok,thanks for your advise,I have shared the suggestion with the team. :clap:

A thousand thanks. With this option it would be much easier to make photo inserts for architecture.
An example

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This feature is really needed, as it will make any photo matching possible. It reduce a lot the postprocessing operations, when trying to integrate a render into a real picture, especially with transparency. Most classical renderer have it, and D5 should too.

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Thanks for the advice, We will consider making this since many users also mentioned that point.