Awesome features for D5

I will post again, because it is my big wish and not only mine. I trust this features will make D5 most demanded product.

  1. Walk effect (W.A.E.D buttons) like it is in games.
  2. Realistic head/eye look arond view.
  3. Foot sound.
  4. Paint brush (like tge decals or it is in Blender)
    To add scratches, stains and etc from images.
    Please everyone respond to this post only my wishes will not come true :grinning:
    I work for urban modeling and cyberpunk genre. After some work, i can use D5 more realistin now then in beginning and i have some great ideas to create a short cinematic movies with my scenarios. Hope team will see this post.
    I have practice in some rendering engines, but i really can say, D5 is N1 from them.
    Please guy’s :pray: think about all of them i wrote up.
    Good luck.

Hi, thank you george, and we will take them into consideration (some of them are already on the roadmap)
But I have a question, the features you want seems more related to CG(cyberpunk). In your work (urban modeling), in what situation will you use them? If possible, you can share with me privately your rendering works of urban modeling, thanks~

Hi @Oliver.J. i work with Sketchup during 10 years and mostly i create Cyberpunk genre. i was creating only images with other renders, but now D5 let me (us) to go more far.
i have some concept ideas to create cinematography style videos where i want to have this features i wrote in post. for example walk in futuristic city, on bridges in skyscrapers, where cars are flying, look around and etc. (its just a simple example)
WALK and realistic look around features will help me to create same kind cinematic renders.
i have some renders already here and will post here again too. same of them are old works and are made in other render engines.
i dont know english perfectly so, maybe i can not say well what i mean but hope, everything is clear.
also i try to improve D5 render skill to get more realistic results.
Maybe I’m asking too much, but it’s just my wish. so if i bother you guys, sorry :pray:

D5 works:


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@Oliver.J this is what about i am, walk effect and realistic head/eyes looking araound

great admiration alone the imagination deserves you great
respect and still in sketchup. Wow. :heart_eyes:

let’s share more


Soon will come back with new work. Just only what i want to know is that, is it possible to use my model in VEHICLE PATH? I want to get my model moving on a vehicle path. Can i do it?
@dadi thank you very much :pray:

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Thank you, good job!

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no bro, for now we do not support using assets tools with custom models.

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