Avoid converting hidden layer or object

How do I avoid that when I run the converter it will not bring all the hidden objects and layers to d5, but only what is in the viewport.
Do I have to delete all the hidden objects? - If so it’s really not a good way.
I want to use the converter and not the option of saving the file as .da

Hello, normally the D5 Converter should not sync or import the hidden parts of a model. It is a known bug for D5 Converter for 3ds Max only, we will fix it soon, sorry for that.

Thanks Oliver.
Do you have an estimate when it will be released?

Hi sgi, I asked the dev team, and this problem needs us to support layer feature of 3ds max, so it may need more time to fix this problem.
But, if you hide the model or object directly, it will not appear in D5. The thing we do not support is to hide models by categories or layers. We do not support reading the hierarchy.