Assets and particles size limitation

Can you make it not restrict trees size or grass size and other assets? It’s really limiting our work. It shouldn’t be limited. I should be able to make a tree big as a skyscraper or grass high as I want.

Please remove size restrictions.

I think it’s a mental problem, it’s a question of scale. When you draw on any program and you have to insert objects or other, for example, people, houses, rocks or things, etc … etc …, you get them by downloading them from any site, and you make them as big as an ant. So you create the environment and the suitable scenography to have blades of grass and big trees when a skyscraper. That is, first you create your scene you have in mind, then you open it with D5 in that scale. It is a solution you can adopt. We often forget that this program is a rendering engine.

I don’t think so. The tool should give me artistic freedom without unnecessary limitations for no reason. It’s not only a render engine as it provides assets and particle systems. When this is provided, it should be done properly. When you create a project you should have it in the correct size so the light calculation is physically correct. This is very stupid to change entire scene size to have bigger or smaller particles.
I guess you are just an amateur. I’m a professional with 15 years of experience so I know what I require from my software.

Sorry if you took it badly and personally, I was just trying to make you understand, and if you have experience for 15 years and think that things are due to a rendiring program, that’s okay. I’m sorry you misunderstood. This engine does things like the other engines that are on the market, they are the graphics programs that do those things that you have thought of. That’s all. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
Then you cannot say about the experience, who has more I have less, know that there is always to learn with humility.

No worries my friend. It’s fine. I have tried many different programs for rendering and modeling in my life. I see big potential in D5 render but compared to the other software it has lots of small technical issues to use - mainly not giving you flexibility and freedom, such as restricting the range of particle density, rendering options, particle size, etc. However, I think the developers are on a good way to making a wonderful product. I’m here to give suggestions and help to make it better. That’s all. :slight_smile:


Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. About the model size, you can press the shortcut key C to scale up it after selecting the model and when it sticks to the mouse icon. And the model can be scaled up without limits. Could you give the shortcut key a try? And about the particle size, yes, there is a size limit. Could you show me a screenshot of your project? I want to know in which case you want the size to be larger than the current size in D5, then we can take it into consideration. Thanks!

Thank you. I can see that I can scale the models. I noticed that some grass particles or trees are of many different sizes. Some of them are very small and some very tall and I would like just to make them similar height as I like a particular model. In my case, I need to create nice similar height reeds. Some of the grass/reeds models I like are too small and I can not make them higher so they match other grass particles. It is a general request that it’s better to give some freedom to artists.
Maybe somebody wants to create abstract images and would like to have the ability to overscale some models for that particular project.

Thanks for your feedback.
We will take it into consideration. Maybe in the future, there will be no size limits for the particles.

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Great! Thank you very much.

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