Asset importer / manager. Batch import assets

It will be great to have an asset importer, that support FBX materials natively, with option to move the pivot of the imported object. Being able to batch import directly to a specific space in the library will be a great time saver too : select a folder full of nice fbx trees, set some rules (pivot bottom middle for examples), point to your D5 asset folder, clic, and in no time you have a brand new collection !

Thank you again for your suggestions!

As an addition to this, the abbility to edit (scale, rotate and delete) the layers in an fbx file. Often when you buy an online model (like plants) there will be a few models in one file, I now have to go into blender to make indivudual files of those

Edit: and the ability to use a brush on those and local assets would be huge

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