Asphalt Shingles

Looking for high quality asphalt shingle texture/asset. Willing to pay. Referrals greatly appreciated.


Try with these:

This one is free but it’s not asphalt. I think you can adjust maps to asphalt look like.

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Hello sir, do you have an image or photo of your ideal ‘Asphalt Shingles’? I will share them with the assets team as a reference. Thanks!

In our area these are very popular

Thank you Oliver.

Hi sir, I just found we have asphalt shingle…

in 2.0 we will have Search feature, then we can find assets more quickly.


Great!!! How do I organize the categories? Like if i want them in a certain order. As I am adding new categories they just kind of go where they want.

Does all material assets available for Edu-Version ?

I’m not sure D has an edu version.

I have Edu- version :grin: but It has limited assets unfortunately

It’s unfair :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Not really.

Hurry up and buy the pro version before it goes to a monthly subscription. You’ll be set for a long time.

Life here is not easy

I’m from a developing ( Egypt ) country and my dad barely can afford afford the quarter of its price
I need the pro version for my professional work after Graduation
I hope they make the pro version for the students much cheaper for the developing countries

Hi, the online library’s category is set and updated by us, so no way to organize them, but if you have any suggestions on it, you could let us know and we will take them into consideration.

Besides, you could add those materials you need to local, then you can organize the category. But the order of models is not controllable…


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All right sir, we can understand you sincerely. We will bring more features for both community and Pro users, also, our rental licensing will have an appropriate price…

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