I can’t synchronize a new project from Archicad 24 to D5,
can someone help me?

Is this your first time trying to synchronize a project from archicad to d5?
Did you click on the sync button on the d5 command bar in archicad?

Hello I have installed d5 on the new laptop and when I synchronized the project nothing appears but it is connected because when I orbit in the scene in archicad it also rotates in d5 but empty (only clielo and earth)

so these are the first tests you’re doing with D5?
Maybe the scene is heavy.
Have you tried lighter scenes?
Can you save the scene in d5s? Then open it in D5 (no sync). Does it open in D5 or always blank?

I tried to save a synchronized scene from archicad but without seeing it on the video and this error mpeared, what’s the problem?ssage ap

Hello, this error message is about TDR setting in Windows10 system. The solution is easy, and please try them:

  1. Run D5 Render as administrator(right click the icon->Run as administrator)
  2. Reboot your computer.

Then the pop-up will not appear again.
About the Archicad sync problem, could you please try another model then see the result?
We need to know whether the problem happens to a specific file, or to all files.
Normally, the loading process in Archicad takes some time after you click sync, please wait for it.


Hi I have the same problem as described, archicad 24 won’t send the model correctly to d5, or d5 won’t read it.
What happens Is that when I press sync in archicad, I have some text saying that the model is being sent, when I go to d5, the name of my model is shown but nothing shows in the viewport apart the gizmo, Which means there is something there.
This happens with all my files, this also happens when I export a d5a file from archicad and import it in 5d, nothing shows.
Hope you can help me with this.

Edit : I did some additional tests, unfortunately nothing seems to works.

  • tried reinstalling d5 render and converter with antivirus disabled. No improvement.
  • tried with archicad 22. Same problem.
  • tried exporting fbx from archicad and importing in d5. Same problem.
    -tried several files big and small, even with only a chair in the scene it doesn’t work.

The only thing that works is to export in skp and import in d5. So the converter is kind of useless in this case.

Attached bellow are screenshots of my project, I put a car from assets to show that the asset is visible but not the model.

By the way I have latest update of d5 render and converter v3.4

Hello, could you send a sample model to for testing? You could try creating a new 3d view for it and make sure its file path is in English.

Hello thanks for the reply, for testing you need the archicad file? That’s right?

Yes, Sektaoui. Because this issue is not normal and we cannot repro it without a sample file. I have received your email, thank you!

I’m sorry if I have not sent you the file but I have the computer in assistance, as soon as I return I will provide
Thank you

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Hello, finally i managed to solve the problem by updating the nvidia drivers to the latest version. Thanks for your help.


Hi, I have the same problem. The model does not appear in D5 render.
I tried to update the drivers of my AMD board, as the last comment said and it did not work.
I am using a new and simple file.

Hi simonjalit,

Thank you for posting here. Unfortunately, our plugin is written with Nvidia CUDA structure, therefore, it cannot be used on computers with AMD gpu.
But we are working on re-writing the plugin without CUDA, so possibly you will be able to use the plugin this year.

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Hello Oliver,

Could i may ask, if rewriting the software opens up the possibility of using the d5 software on other platforms without Nvidias Cuda technology? For example on Apple´s M1 oder M2 architecture?

Best Alex

Hi, sorry, not yet. We are re-writing the plugin (D5 Converter), not D5 Render itself. In the long term, we may support D5 Render for Mac, but it is not planned in the short term.