Archicad SE plugin

Hi, how about plugin for Archicad SE? Ther are many users of this soft.

Hallo, D5-Team? Its it possible?

Yes, we can support this version.

Could I know where I can get this version?

Graphisoft unable to give you access to the Archicad SE?

Yep, we try to download this version on Graphisoft’s official website and contact our local reseller. But still can’t get this version:(

I think its better if you try ask directly to graphisoft, resellers are lazy:)

Could you help to give us an installer of it?

I have asked Graphisoft, the SDK doesn’t change. We only need to make the installer be compatible with the SE version.


Does it have to be the full version or is the version without the option to save the file ?

Hi, to sync from AC to D5 needs saving the file in AC first, so currently the plugin does not support the version without the option to save the file.

From link I posted you, you can download trial version after registration in graphisoft, it can fix our problem.

Hello, thanks very much for your support! The SE version is kind of special, which does not have trial version. We decide to buy one license manually, since it is only sold by resellers, the process may take more time, please wait for our development, thank u again!

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any chance for Archicad SE livesync?

Hi mate, yeah, what version of Archicad SE are you using?
For now we support AC full version 21-26, Archicad 25 Solo and 2021 SE (Start Edition) version.

I use SE 2022 :(.

Alright, sorry that one may not be supported in the short term, because it is no longer on sale in most of regions or countries, neither maintained by AC official, I think.

Hi! Is converter working with Archicad SE now?

Hi, still not supported, Thank you for the feedback.

It is possible to support it in future?

Sorry that one may not be supported in the short term :joy:

Hi! Do You know when D5 Render will be support whit Archicad Start Edition 2023?