ARCHICAD / north issue

Hello there,
I´m syncing with D5 plug in.
The geometry is turned 90 degrees in the z axis.
Meaning, in Archicad the north is set toward the top of the screen, but when imported to D5 the north is turned 90 degrees to the left.
Is this normal?
How do I fix this?

Same problem with Max.
I raised the issue and have not yet received an answer.

Because D5 and UE4 consistently use a left-handed coordinate system. Both archicad and max are right-handed coordinate systems.

so it doesn´t matter where the north is pointing at, the geometry will always be turned 90 degrees to the left. It would be nice to have an option to configure this.

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What drives my attention is that when using twinmotion (which is powered with UE), i don´t have this problem.