ARCHICAD lower than 21 walkthrough

Hi D5team,

I am D5 user from very begining and am very pleased with the software development.
Usually I work on sketchup which works fine with D5.

I work also on Archicad Start Edition 2017 5026 start and Archicad Start Edition 2020 4001 start.
Unfrotunately while installing your converter it is unable to see these both archicads.

Is it possible I am doing something wrong or the converter is not dedicated to these versions?

In case it in not doable:

  • do you plan to make converter to lower versions of archicad i.e. 20?
  • if not what is the workflow to work in D5 render with model from lower versions of archicad?



Currently, the plugin only supports Archicad 21-24, and we will add Solo versions in the future. The roadmap is here: Roadmap of Pipeline Integration | Trello

Sorry, we did not see this feedback before, and if the request to support lower versions of Archicad increases, we will consider developing this function.



Thank you for a quick reply.
The Archicad version I owe is Start Edition 2020 which is so called light and budget option of Archicad Pro. Actually I purchased this as the latest one lasy year. Regardless the numbering it is recognized by Lumion sync as v.23 and works smoothly.

It would be much apprieciated if you could take into consideration sync / bridge development for lower versions.

A lot of Archicad users don"t upgrade as the software development goes too slowly and upgrades are costly. I suppose you would gain addintional group of potential users



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I suggest to use in your archicad SE, the sketchup exporter, for me it’s better than the D5 archicad exporter

Hi sodapop66, thanks fot the tip.
Actually I did workaround the way you do - but it is not perfect. I keep struggling with overlapped faces, flickering triangles, etc. The same applies to pln->skp opened in Lumion. The archicad skp exporter is just not perfect. It is a shame I cannot link my archicad to D5 :frowning:
From the other side the direct link to Lumion from ANY archicad version (I have 2 versions) works just great.
I wonder if D5 team would ever take this into the consideration that there is a plenty of users of previous versions of Archicad as it is lifetime licenced.
Unfortunately for outdoor CGIs I am still forced to use Lumion which is much faster, stable, reliable and easier but does not provide as sexy effects and outcome as D5 does. Anyway Lumion quality is still acceptable by clients.
When it comes to interiors, D5 is far better - even worth extra time for modelling in sketchup from scratch.