Archicad 25 export

Hey, concepsys:

Thanks for your feedback.

@Oliver.J Please help to follow the network issue.
The Ac 25 is in development, it will be in beta soon. (141.7 KB)
Hi, please download and run this network detection tool:
The detailed steps are in Readme.txt (you need to put the file into D5 Render installation folder), and please send me the logs after it has been completed.
My email is

Thank you for your patience!

Hello Oliver,

Please find attached the log file. I hope it helps.

Ran it 3 times,


(Attachment NetworkStats.log is missing)

Hello, log file gave an email error.

Now on 7z format…



NetworkStats.7z (345 Bytes)

ok, thank you~

Hi there, the new beta version of AC plugin has come out, which supports AC25.
If you are willing to help us test it, please post here or send me a private message.
Thank you all~ @Trivium @lelopes @matleoni @maxge @Ploni @concepsys

I would like to help you try it.

Hello Oliver, I am willing to test the Beta.
Kind regards,
Antonio Pina

Bonjour, merci pour votre message.
Je serais heureux de participer à votre effort, dans la mesure de mes capacités.

HI Oliver

i have been waiting for this.


Yes, I would actually like to test the plugin. Thank you for reminding about us.

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Hi, I want to help with testing, I would appreciate it my mail

no problem, please check the private message I sent you.

Thank you so much for your support, this is very important for us at the moment, “Concept Company”
Everything is working correctly

Ok, glad to hear it :grinning: Welcome to recommend us to your friends. Also, it would be good if you could write a review for us on

hey i would like to test it too


Please check your private message~

i would like to test it too

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Please send me beta archicad 25 exporter :slight_smile:

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d5c_archicad_install.7z (4.0 MB)
it is public testing version now, feel free to try it and share with us feedbacks.
Thank you all!

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