Archicad 25 export

For when exporter for archicad 25?


Hi, I think it will be later than 2.0 version, we will involve more resources to develop it, thank you!

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One of those news that makes us happy and sad at the same time. lol.

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I’d really appreciate the Archicad 25 converter. It is really bad having to export my model to the Archicad 24 every time I need to render.


are we expecting any converter plugin for archicad 25 any time soon?

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Bonjour, savez vous quand sortira la version 2.0? J’avoue que depuis que je suis passé sous la version pro, je suis impatient et j’adore D5Render!

Ă€ la fin de ce mois, merci!
At the end of this month, thank you!

Alors? Et ce plugin pour Archicad 25?

Hi, as I mentioned above, it is still being developed and will roll out later than 2.0.

Sorry, I understood that the AC25 plugin will arrive at the same time as D5 render 2.0.
Forgive my impatience.
Thank you

Never mind Ploni, we will accelerate the development :laughing:

Seens that it was way more important to update the license mode to hostage…ops, rental mode than supporting those who have actually paid for it. I excepected nothing less from the team who made such desicion. Almost end of the year and Archicad users are stuck to the previous version.
I don’t really remember where, maybe I should go and search /s, but I do remember someone here saying that making such a change would allow the team to act faster and better on those “updates” since it was a “more fair” scheme…

Hey, lelopes.

Thanks for your patience and feedback. I’m afraid that the business model will not affect the priority of development. Previously we are suffering from the lacking of development sources, and this feature is always with a high priority. Sorry for the late update.

For now, the support of AC 25 is ongoing, it will be released separately before D5 Render 2.1.

Please stay tuned, thanks.


Hello, We have just noticed D5 render and want to decide to renew our Lumion license or shift to D5 render instead.
In order to test D5, we need a working link to Archicad 25 (our BIM software), but it seem it is not available.
Will a sync app be available soon? We would have to make a decision until the end of current month…
Thank you.

For now, you can export .skp file from Ac25, and then import that into D5 Render for testing all features of D5 Render.

And I’ll send you the test version once it’s in the internal beta phase. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply.

We will try as you propose.


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J’aime vraiment beaucoup D5 mais en tant qu’utilisateur de Archicad (25), la dernière version de Twinmotion remet beaucoup de certitudes en question, avec son lancer de rayons. Je crois que le plugin AC25 devient extrêmement urgent. Merci

We found out that exporting some projects exported through Sketchup file format will have some elements missing…
We also tried exporting through the Rhino format but it seems the export will not include textures…

Please correct me if we I am doing something wrong.
Meanwhile, we will wait to test AC25 addon before considering subscribing.

A few days ago D5 Render updated. It seems to have become a bit unresponsive at times and access to assets on cloud still doesn’t work sometimes… I will send the network test information as previously suggested.


Hey, concepsys:

Thanks for your feedback.

@Oliver.J Please help to follow the network issue.
The Ac 25 is in development, it will be in beta soon. (141.7 KB)
Hi, please download and run this network detection tool:
The detailed steps are in Readme.txt (you need to put the file into D5 Render installation folder), and please send me the logs after it has been completed.
My email is

Thank you for your patience!