[Announcement] Technical Support Service Notice in February

Happy Lunar New Year!

The Spring Festival holiday of 2024, and since it is the most important festival for us, there might be a delay in customer support responses.

Internal events January 31 - February 2
Spring Festival February 7 - February 18

We will check all the feedback and reported problems after we come back to work on February 4 - February 6, February 19.

If you meet archive problems, pleaserecover the file from the auto-saved file history.
For other questions, searching on D5 Forum and D5 Help Center can help you find the answer.

If you encounter any problems, please post on D5 Forum. We will review them and reply to you within 48 hours.

*The topic should clearly describe the issue, including the hardware information, video driver version, and screenshots.


Thank you so much for your understanding!

Yours sincerely,
D5 Team

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