「ANNOUNCEMENT」New release and partnership with AXYZ DESIGN

We are happy to announce that the excellent Character models from AXYZ DESIGN is ready to use in D5 Render.

Thank AXYZ DESIGN for providing the great Character models as a sponsor, including more than 300 Character models, so our users can enjoy the rendering ready models.

In this update, you can find the new release of 276 models in built-in Pro library of Model covered man and woman:

And all of these are marked by the logo of AXYZ

AXYZ_Logo_Grey (1)

Since AXYZ DESIGN inception they have explored methods and technologies to develop and deliver the best 3D characters and meet the needs of the Architectural Visualization, VFX, Film and Video Game industries.

At AXYZ DESIGN store you will find everything a 3D professional needs to be more creative and speed up the production processes of their work.

Link of AXYZ DESIGN: https://secure.axyz-design.com

If you have other requirements about models, please share your opinions and requests here: Share your Opinions and Requests about Model



Woa, good job!