「ANNOUNCEMENT」279 High-Quality Plants Models are ready in D5 Render

In this update for Plants Assets - Cryoflora, D5 Render brings in 279 plants, including conifers, flowers, clusters and broadleaf.

We currently have a total of 732 plants. So our users can enjoy the rendering ready models.


56 in Conifers, 108 in broadleaf, 115 in flowers and clusters.

This update brings a new model header image, which can show the plants of the model in more detail.

Next time: For Plants Assets, we will add more than 400 plants, catering to all your professional needs.

If you have other requirements about models, please share your opinions and requests here: Share your Opinions and Requests about Model


Great stuff! Thanks a lot!

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Absolutely great!

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Thank you team D5!

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great and now some accessories, furniture and lighting and we would have a perfect work tool

thanks a lot for your efforts :+1:

Suggestion : it would be good to have a HQ and LQ mention on the previews for a faster workflow. Maybe top right corner small icon? That way you can quickly decide if you want to use it for detailed shots or in the distance the less detailed.

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Good and useful idea!

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I think it would be a great idea to integrate compatibility with Laubwerk, Please D5 team, check it:

Best regards!