Animated Characters

Animated characters with predetermined movements should have control that defines the beginning of the animation, it makes very difficult for me never to know in what position the characters will be. Another problem is that sometimes they jump to another position since the end of the animation does not loop with the beginning of the animation.

Hi Gil

Thank you for posting. I think the two suggestions are good enough to be taken into consideration, also you can share them on, to help us better make a decision. By the way, the animated characters you mentioned means those from the D5 assets library or models from other programs? Which one do you use more often?


Hi, I really enjoy to work in D5, but the asset characters have this problem. It would be fine if we could control the animation start and if the animation make a loop, today we have a jump to the beginning at the end of the characters animation.

Hi, exactly as Gil wrote, it would be really useful to have the possibility to choose where the caracters are on the path. In a camera sequence it’s essential to know what is in your view, if I want a car starting from a point and going away at the animation start… it’s a mess to do that now.

Another issue is the random option in a path with multiple characters, if I have 5 characters I would like to have only one of each, even changing the density doesn’t let to do that.

Last, I lost four times all the paths in my scene, they were in a group that was empty just after reopening the file.


Just for other users looking for a solution, if you create a path, stop the realtime animation and edit the path moving its points you will see where the cheracter’s start point is and which characters are on the path.

Absolutely improtant issue to solve! I am loosing a lot of time just to be lucky to adjust mooving characters in the video and to avoid looping and disapearing. To stop the realtime is just a little improvement. I hope for real control of the character moovemnt synchonized with keyframes and camera!