Animated cameras/objects from software

We’ve (my company) have been looking at D5 as potential for some a handful of upcoming projects where we need to render some big city scenes. I tried the D5 live link to C4D which was cool, but limited when it came to bringing animation over.

In unreal you can use datasmith to import animated objects/cameras but in d5 I can only get static cameras with the live link but animation doesn’t come over. This is a huge dealbreaker for us.

We just want to use D5 as the render engine but be able to do all our dynamic camera animation and objects in C4D. I just think my industry and CG/VFX are all searching for faster ways to get our work out but don’t want to have to learn Unreal just to render our work.

Thanks for your suggestion, D5 currently does not support importing camera animations. If it is a model animation, you can export it in abc format first, and then import it into D5. :smiley:

i’m using 3dsmax wf with D5, i have same question, can you update switch export dynamic camera into new version.???