All image renders out of focus

Hi all. A few weeks ago I used D5 and the truth is that it is impressive.

I have a question and I don’t know how to solve it. I can’t bring the images I render into focus. They used to be very well focused but it hasn’t been for a while. If I use the DOF option in the lens options, I am also unable to focus the object that I select with the selector.

In short, the image is completely out of focus, not much, but it shows that there is no area of ​​focus. Someone went through the same thing?

Greetings and thanks to those who can answer me.

I am considering the possibility that it may be related to the latest video driver update. This would be possible? What do you think?

I currently have Nvidia version 451.48 on a RTX 2080 Super.

And version of D5.

What do you think?


Hi there! If you set a focus, you can adjust the degree of Depth of field. If you don’t set a focus but the scene is still fuzzy,maybe you can try the highest quality of render.

Hi @John123

Thanks for answering. I understand what you suggest to me. I tried many times. But it is rare, because with a 4k image it should be more than enough.

It depends how many times render the image improves.

I think it will be a matter of waiting for the improvements of the next versions.

I made two samples in 6k, attached two sectors of those samples. The first one has no focus setting, and the second one has focus on the vase plant, and as you can see in this second image what I selected in focus, it is out of focus!

Maybe I am not using the tool correctly.

I really don’t get it.

OK, got it, have you ever try to adjust the blur to the maximum. If you have already changed it to a maximum degree but still face this issue, please let me know.

I shot a video for you to see the DOF behavior on the lens controls.

Youtube does not process the video quality options yet.

Hi there! Thank you for your detail reply! From your video, I see the area of focus appears when you set the focus on the door or bookshelf. SO, for now, You can try to pull the lens closer to the plant. Probably because your focus is too far away from the lens and there is no obvious front-back context.Or you can try to turn the lens to put the plant in an obvious position!

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