Alembic export tutorial

I think the Alembic export from 3ds Max it’s a powerful feature to get animated models in D5.
I did some tests but it’s not easy to get the right scale, orientation and rotation of the rigged model.
I know I must reset all xrefs but it’s a long process if I have many objects.
Could you explain with a video how to rig a model in 3ds Max and then export it to D5 with the Alembic format?
Also, is it possible to assign attributes to the animations? For example I’d like to decelerate the imported model animation within D5.
How is it possible to create a library with attributes? For example on-off lights? I’d like to create my lamp library already with embedded ies lights exactly how you did with the cars.



  1. About decelerating the animation, you can adjust its speed. Please check the screenshot below:
  2. When importing .d5a models with hierarchy from 3ds MAX into D5, it is suggested to open a scene and then click the Import button, instead of opening them directly.
  3. About the library with attributes, could you please show us some photos of the examples?

Hello, sorry to bother you Ruby, but wwgere is this panel you posted in your answer ?, I try to control the speed of an alembic file inside D5 but i can’t find where is this panel.