Advanced car controls or custom rigged cars

Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to bring a custom animated car in D5 with elements like wheel turning, brakes, hydraulics etc to have more realism when doing close up shots of vehicles? Had anyone tried something like that?

Being able to import and bring vehicles from 3ds max rigged through driver master plugin ( could be a great option if it can be implemented I believe.

It could massively enhance the quality of animations which requires car as the main hero of the scene.

You can import alembic (.abc) files, but these are baked animations. It is not currently possible to import and manipulate and keyframe rigs inside of D5. You can animate their assets along bezier paths, however.

I imagine D5 team could possibly make a generic rig for vehicles, but for very proprietary or complex rigs, they’d have to customize more of Unreal Engine’s skeletal system and push it to the front end of the software, and implement keyframe, timeline, and graph editors for manipulation. Etc…

At the same time… D5 is a visualization rendering tool. This is like asking Vray or Corona dev team if they could implement rigging and animation tools. They would flat out tell you no. They’re just rendering software. You provide the animation data to it, it visualizes it. Simple.

I think D5 Team should provide some better documentation and allow more avenues for animations to be imported though, not just through .abc but FBX and possibly other formats.