Additions to a Single Family Residence

Additions to a primary Residence
Softplan to D5 to Luminar
Brief description of post-processing: light brightness and sharpness(was not really needed)
original built by me:

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Can you tell me your workflow from Softplan to D5?

Export fbx.

Softplan publish → export Lumion fbx

The lumion wording is not needed. Lumion does not even support softplan.

Ok, I thought you could export to .Skp (sketchup) within Softplan

Yes. You can do that as well.

I like fbx. They export and update quickly.

Tried Softplan last year but didn’t like their 3D navigation and other little niggles compared to Chief Architect.
But really like that you can have 3D board and Batten as well as 3D siding, is this correct.
Do you know if I can download a sample of a house that has 3D siding and B&B.
Thanks for your help.

Softplan is really good. Been with them for 10 years +. Call customer service. I’m sure they have one to share.

Don’t know if you have tried the VR in D5, if so is it working well. Have an HP reverb G2 that works ok with TwinMotion.

Do you think you could share your FBX file or SkP, would really like to see how it is exported from Softplan and imports in D5.
I know this is asking a lot but would really appreciate it.
Thanks again

No. Again, softplan has sample projects.

HP vr device should work with D5 as long as you installed SteamVR program to connect between D5 Render and the device.