AC 26 Converter

When to expect AC 26 Converter?


Hi! D5 Converter-ArchiCad 0.5.2 that supports AC 26 has been released, please download it here: Download | D5 Render. Or you can download it in Workflow in D5 Render.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Hey, From the website you can download D5_Converter_ARCHICAD_usa_0.5.2,
In Workflow D5_Converter_ARCHICAD_usa_0.5.4 nickel


The Converter for for Archicad 26 SOLO?

It does not support AC 26 solo, but it can support AC 25 Solo.

But the files save in AC 26 are not compatiple to AC25! Just waiting, again…

Hi, I heard that Archicad solo or start edition will no longer be supported by them, so we do not support it as well, and also we do not have Archicad 26 solo for testing. Could you let me know how you get AC26 solo?
Bought it from reseller, or upgraded from AC25 solo, or something else…
We are going to add it once we have done some tests.

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Ok! Just wainting! I have AC26 Solo by upgrade for a anual license!

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Hi! And the version 2.3, when i can get it? Thanks!

Hi, yesterday we just released it for a few of users for testing. Please wait for our official release tomorrow or next week. Welcome to join our Discord server to keep updated: D5 Render