A standard 2D object

like the 2D people, but usable for everything.

it should use the aspect ratio of the base color map picture automatically when applied to it and have an on/off button for “automatic turn towards camera”

Thanks for the suggestion, I have shared this suggestion with my team and we will consider it. :grinning:

I’m a little curious in what scenes do you need to use an on/off button for “automatic turn towards camera”? :thinking:

some examples:

  • some animations. even if the object is not close to the camera, you’ll notice that there is something “turning” in the scene

  • if the object is close to a wall, parts of it may disappear in the wall. especially when looking from above.

  • shadows: if the sun is almost parallel to the object, it will have no shadow. slight rotation might be useful

Thank you for the example, we will consider it! :grinning: