3dsmax sync error

Hi, if i hide or isolate objects in 3dsmax and sync before/after with D5, all the changes to the materials in D5 are lost and reset to white. It also ignores any textures in 3dsmax and wont sync them correctly. The only solution is to restart D5. If i do any hiding or isolating it will ruin my scene in D5.

Have any one else experienced this?

Now i just changed one material in D5, when finished all the other materials in the scene turned white?? What is going on??

Hello, I think it is because the textures stored for the plugin are deleted after hiding the model. Please let me know what version of 3ds max you are using, and we have a new plugin (beta) for 3ds max 2020, 2022, 2023. If you want to give it a try as a workaround, please let me know.


I’m using max 2021.
I would like to try a beta if you have!

I would like to try this as well

Hi all, to try the beta version of the new plugin, which supports 3ds max 2018-2023, please join our Discord server: D5 Render
Or you could download from here directly: https://cn.cdn.d5converter.d5techs.com/installer/internalbeta/D5_Converter_3DsMax_pre1.zip