3ds Max converting Porblem

Hi, every time I convert a 3ds max file to d5 format all object (layers) becomes one object in d5 render.

For example in 3ds max, I have a simple building with

  1. wall
  2. roof
  3. doors
  4. others

Once I convert it and open it on d5 render it all becomes one object. If I select it, it will select all as one object.

How to fix this?

Hi there,

Please check if you have install vray, and make sure they’re vray materials.

DO I have to give each object a different vray material first on 3dsmax? because what i want is to work on5d rendering with the material mapping


If you want to apply material mapping in D5, just give each object with a different material name, and import to D5 by D5 Converter.