3D scene imported into a single object

Hi everyone,
I am a new user of this software.
I’m trying to import my 3d studio max scene into D5 but when I import the fbx file, DR sees it as one big object. I can’t unpack it and therefore I can’t assign different materials.
The same thing if I proceed with live sync.

to have different objects I have to export one object at a time from 3ds. but obviously it’s madness.

is there no other way to have separate objects?

thank you

재질을 개별적으로 적용하였습니까?? 재질을 개별적으로 지정하지 않으면 하나의 개체로 인식합니다.

I didn’t apply any material.
I import the scene into DR and then I want to use the materials from DR

3d max에서 기본적인 재질만 적용하세요. 모델링을 내보내고 D5에서 변경 합니다. D5는 하나로 내보낸 모델링에 대하여 재질로 개체를 구분합니다.

Model files will be defaulted as a whole (without layers and hidden parts) when imported into D5. You need to differentiate the materials in the modelling software at first and can reapply textures to them respectively after importing. If you want to edit different parts singly, you can divide them into different model files and import them to D5 separately.

thank you so mutch

thank you so mutch

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