360° ies

Hi All.
Today I installed the latest D5 release to test it.
I noticed that IES lights only support 180° half dome space. In fact is not possible to assign a photometric file to a point light.
I think it’s very important to use and render all types of ies photometric files.
Also I noticed that is not possible to convert or replace a light from a type, for example point, to another type, I have to delete the inserted light and create it again.


Hi! Thanks for your feedback.
Currently, the lights do not support the 360° lighting range as you said. And I have told this request to the dev team, together with your second request about the change of the light type, they will take them into consideration. As a workaround, you are advised to duplicate the light source you add and put them in the opposite direction, which will achieve a 360° lighting range.

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