1.9.1 Hotfix -


  • Some scene files failed to load.

Apply to all D5 Render users

Fixed the problem that some archives were stuck at 5% - 9% when we attempt to open them. At present, users who encounter this problem can send scene files and model files to support@d5techs.com, most of those files able to be repaired manually.

New scene files created from the latest version(ver. will not encounter this problem anymore.


Yes! Everything’s working fine. Thanks for the new fix and the hard work of the developers.


Thank you!

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how to download program updates and where?

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Thank you!

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Your welcome!

Hello, was the file saved in the last version? Please share with us more details.
If the problem happens to one specific file, you could send it to support@d5techs.com
We will look into the file and find the issue cause, thanks!

All right, the problem happens to this specific file? Can your PC open other scenes in D5 Render?
Besides, did you once change the file name or file path in Turkish, or using Windows File explorer to change its filename? If the problem remains, you could compress and send the scene file(the folder) to support@d5techs.com for troubleshooting.

If the problem happens to all scene files saved in last version, maybe you could try reinstalling D5 Render then see the result.

Any updates will be appreciated.


Sorry that I have no right to give you Pro license because it is assets of the whole company. We just want to help more users in this forum if you could share any related information here.

I will thank you very much on behalf of the support team, and if you have good works to share or stay active on D5 Forum, we could publish your works on Ins/Twitter, or invite you to our beta testing group. But giving you Pro license may not be an appropriate method.

At last, we have many troubleshooting steps for this issue, so if you want to contribute, feel free to share here.
Have a nice day!


Hello, the solution you mentioned is an old troubleshooting step, I have mentioned it too and it’s on other posts on D5 Forum. Anyway, glad to hear you solve the problem, and thank you for your sharing. Please check the private message, I will inform you when the next round of beta testing starts. Or could you post some works by D5 Render here? We want beta users to stay active on our D5 Forum or FB community. Have a nice day!


Hello bro, they are our first round beta internal testers, we will start the next round next week.

hey, my computer is asus zenbook pro, ı have a problem like this, ı cant open my Projects. when ı try to open my project it freezes at 5 percent and the file name is not visible.
please help me. ı try to open this file different computers ıts working… problem is in my computer.

Hello kaya, is this file on a long file path, or the file path has special characters/ non-English language? Maybe you could check it first.
Second, what are the versions of video driver and D5 Render on your zenbook? Please make sure they are updated.

If the problem remains, please compress the whole folder of the file then send to ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com
We will help you check this file.

By the way, the problem happens to this specific file, right? If all files have the same problem on your computer, you may need to reinstall D5 Render then see the result.


HELLO first thanks for answer, all files have the same problem,ı delete an reunistalled D5 multiple times, same problem persisted, versions of video driver is normal it is last version. ı try to open my files from the different computers its working, I cant open any files. But d5 is working. when ı saving any work. ı cant open this file in the secont time. may its problem from my computer ? it is asus zen book pro has 2 screens.

Hello kaya, we have received your email and can open your files with no problem. Please send us two logs folders on your computer for further troubleshooting.
the two logs folders

  1. A folder called logs, in the installation directory of D5 2.0
  2. A folder called Saved, in C:/Users/your account/AppData/local/d5_immerse