1.6 UI and render test Dual RTX 2080Ti

Overall UI is so laggy , like 4-9 FPS , GPU Utilization @ 99-100 percent but its not utilizing second gpu ( cuda and 3d may be its just using RT cores ) , or may be im using NVlink Thats why , view port render is crisp than final render , 4K render image took 2.10 min ,
I think you guys should add post effects to manage look and feel because going to Photoshop is another pain because D5 renderer take all GPU vram so whole pc become slow ,
samples manipulation specially for AO because final renders are looking somehow flat .

Flickering in Video , but quality is good compare to 1.5 version

900 MB project took 9 gb of vram , 100mb=1000mb in gpu

Good Luck guys