What's new in D5 Render 2.4

Grandísimo trabajo. ¡Enhorabuena!
Sin embargo, no entiendo el quitar el modo de calidad media en la vista previa. Pues si trabajas con modelos muy pesado, la opción de alta resolución hace que la gráfica trabaje al 100% durante horas. Y la opción baja no tiene casi información para aplicar las texturas.
¡Todo lo demás, de maravilla!

Hi mate, we will take that idea into consideration. In our previous data, we found that the “medium quality preview mode” is seldom used.

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when will we have option to export portrait videos for stories? when will we have high DPI support?

Hi, portrait video is already working in progress, and it will be released in 2.5 or 2.6 if the development work goes well.
Regarding the high DPI support, I need to consult our team. For now you can try some 3rd party website or software to adjust that for your images. Such as
DPI Converter — Change DPI of Image Online, Instantly

thanks. for DPI i meant D5 interface. on my 4k display it looks too pixelated, or too small.

Alright, I got it, thanks! That is also under development.

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