Landscape editor, landscape textures

Hello. I really want, really need, to draw on the landscape with several textures. For example: I want to make a lawn and gravel paths around the house. Now, to get such a result, I have to create separate objects, paths and a lawn in a 3d editor. If I made a mistake with the position of the paths, I have to edit the 3d model. A lot of time is spent. I also really want a simple landscape editor, like in Lumion and twinmoushen, to make rivers, hills, roads in d5. All this now, I have to do in another app. It is difficult to make a good angle right away. In d5 it would be more convenient, faster, easier to do.


The realization of these wishes will be really a great help to architects. Not everyone works in programs where you can create a landscape surface. Often these are highly specialized technical programs, and usually there is no time to study additional 3D editors, to create separate scenes, etc. You need to make a beautiful visualization of the house in a very short time, therefore, perfectly, the render should have its own landscape and the ability to paint it as needed.

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Thanks for the feedback
We already have plan to make a simple landscape editing system, and landscape materials will be added continuously

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I really need that. I don’t like making landscape in Sketchup. We need to make and edit landscape with landscape like Lumion.

Hi if I was to want to bring in my own landscapes - would applying an alpha’d PNG (i.e. a wide image with the sky removed/alpha’d) and applying it to a curve/arch model work?

same problem here.