D5 Invitation/Referral Program

D5 Referral Program is a long-term refer-a-friend campaign launched by D5 team. Pro users can invite their friends, classmates or colleagues to try D5 and subscribe to D5 Pro license. Once the invitation is successful, both the referrer and the new subscriber will receive corresponding rewards.

What is needed to invite friends or get invited?

Currently, there are 3 scenarios:

Referrer Invitee Condition Bonus for Referrer Bonus for Invitee
D5 Pro Community D5 Pro Monthly (First Order) 20 D5 Grains 5-day D5 Pro
D5 Pro Community D5 Pro Annual (First Order) 300 D5 Grains 30-day D5 Pro
D5 Pro D5 Pro Monthly D5 Pro Annual (First Order) 280 D5 Grains 25-day D5 Pro
  • After the invitee completes the payment, both the invitee and the referrer will receive the corresponding amount of D5 grains or additional D5 Pro time.
  • D5 Render global version and CN version hold the event separately, and they cannot invite each other.

In the future, we will unlock more rewards for those who invite many new users, not limited to D5 grains!

How to invite friends?

If you meet the conditions for initiating the invitation, you can see the invitation page in the account center. Click the “Invitation” tab to see the invite code and invite link. Click the “My Invitation” button to view your invitation history.

How to use the Invite link/code?

  • On the Confirm Order page of our official website, users who meet the conditions of invitees can click the “I have invite code” button to enter it. After successful payment, they can get the corresponding reward.

  • Users who meet the conditions of invitees can directly click the invitation link to go to the Subscription page. After successful payment, they can get the corresponding reward

Why don’t I have the “I have invite code” button?

There can be two scenarios for not meeting the conditions of invitees:

  1. The user once subscribed to D5 Pro Annual license.
  2. The user currently owns D5 Pro Annual license.

As a software development team, your participation and feedback is the biggest driving force for our continuous progress. We hope that through D5 Grain, our gratitude can be extended to every user who encourages us.

Feel free to share your work or tutorials with D5 Render, and use D5 Grain to redeem gifts you like.


Participation in D5 Grain is entirely voluntary. Whether you join or not does not affect your experience in using D5 Render.