3Dconnexion space mouse

3Dconnexion space mouse support.

Hi, we have the plan to support it, our team are testing and will start developing soon.

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Awesome! Can’t wait. That would be
a real game changer.
In the render timeline. It would be nice to be able to slide the order of the scenes lefty& right in the timeline.
Is there a way to do that?

All the best,

Jason Schram
3D CAD Designer

Hello, I consulted the product team, we have this plan and are designing this part, but it may not come out in 2.2

Im woting for testing :slight_smile:

If U have beta 2.3 version im ready to test

Hello, the beta testing for 3d space mouse will not start in the short term, let’s wait for updates.

any updates on this? I see still not available in 2.3… :pensive:


Hi, me too, unfortunately this is not developed in this update. We are going to improve and optimize the navigation in D5 first, after that, integrating 3d space mouse will be better.


Hi all, we are moving forward on the development of that, please vote here for the 3d space mouse you use.
Vote | What 3D connexion mouse do you use? - Ideas & Requests / Feature Discussion - D5 RENDER FORUM


It is almost a year later. Twinmotion is based upon Unreal engine with support for 3D Connexion space mouse. It is time for D5 to support it. Also, is there any plan to be able to sculpt terrain? These two functions would be the turning point for many of us to abandon Lumion and Twnmotion. ESPECIALLY if you supported D5 on the Mac. !


Alright jay, I will let team know this…recently we are working on upgrading D5 Render engine, therefore other features need to be developed later.

any updates on this?

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so 2.4.1 maybe? :crazy_face:

maybe 2.5 or 3.0, because our UI and navigation mode will change then

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3dconnexion space mouse compatibility with D5 render would take it to another level in terms of navigations and smoothness of animations and also detailed view navigations. Please let this be an urgent item on your next upgrade list.


Good afternoon, any news about the integration of the 3dconnexion mouse to D5 Render? I bought it mostly to be able to work on this program, Thank you

Sorry, no ETA yet. We are changing some parts related to the navigation, and only after that we can support more devices like 3D space mouse.

I bought a space mouse compact 2 days ago. I was disappointed to see the famous D5 render doesn’t support it. This is the only software in my bag that doesn’t have 3d mouse support. On request please provide support to this asap!

Hi mate, we will support 3D connexion mouse probably in D5 2.6 this year.(our team are working on its SDK)


That is fantastic news we all have space mouse at our studio here and are very much looking forward to seeeing it implemented on D5

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